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In my Allbirds Mizzles Review, I share my honest opinion of Allbirds’ water repellent shoes. My review is not sponsored in any way, but it does contain affiliate links. 

Living in England, I’ve been caught in tons of downpours and trodden in plenty of puddles in my time. In fact, I’d gotten so used to arriving at work with wet feet that I ended up leaving a spare pair of shoes and socks there so I wouldn’t have to squelch around for the whole day. So when Allbirds released Mizzles – trainers or sneakers practically built for wet weather, I had to try them.

But are they really worth the hype? And do they actually keep out the rain? read on and I’ll share everything you need to know in this review.

An introduction to Allbirds

For those of you that haven’t heard of Allbirds before, they’re a footwear brand hailing from New Zealand that claims to be the world’s most comfortable shoes. The main reason I love them, though, is because they’re kind to people and the planet too. 

In fact, Allbirds were created with mother nature in mind. They use natural or recycled materials, from Merino wool and tree fibres to recycled plastic bottles. Their shoes have half the carbon footprint of average trainers, but they’re working hard to reduce their emissions down to zero. They’re also working to fight poverty through a partnership with Soles4Souls. Not many footwear brands can say that!

Their range of shoes covers:

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Allbirds Mizzles Review

Are Allbirds really that comfortable?

I’ve worn shoes that claim to be the world’s most comfortable before, but with Allbirds, it’s actually true.

As well as Merino wool, the inside of Allbirds Mizzles is made from castor bean oil, which is the softest, most cushioned insole my feet have ever had the pleasure of treading on. But with that comfort, you’re not sacrificing support. 

The ‘walls’ of Mizzles are relatively stiff, perhaps thanks to the thicker wool they’ve used to keep your feet warm in winter. So I’ll admit, the very first time I wore my Mizzles, I expected to sink into cotton wool on all sides, but they felt sturdier than that. It was perhaps for this reason that they took a few wears to get used to – my feet just weren’t used to being both comfortable and supported at the same time!

After a few wears, and every time I’ve worn them since, they have remained super comfy and cosy, and are my first choice of shoe for nearly every occasion. 

Are Allbirds Mizzles really waterproof?

I’m sure you’re only reading this Allbirds Mizzles review to find out if they’re waterproof! Well, the main reason I bought Allbirds Mizzles was that I was looking for a pair of waterproof shoes or at least a pair of shoes that would keep my feet dry in the rain. And that’s exactly what Mizzles were designed for.

The exterior of Mizzles has been finished with a bio-based water repellent coating. Though that doesn’t strictly make Mizzles waterproof, I’ve found they still do a great job at keeping the water out and my feet dry in downpours and light snow. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but the thing I find most uncomfortable about walking in the rain in non-waterproof shoes is the puddles. I swear they’re just there to make my life miserable! But the water repellent shield of Mizzles (cleverly called Puddle Guard™) has completely changed my view of puddles. In fact, I’ll now genuinely go out of my way to walk through a puddle in Mizzles to check they still work. And they always do. 

The soles are also relatively high, meaning unless you’re walking through very deep puddles, you’ll be okay.

However, the fact they’re not totally waterproof means that water can and does get in. So, you shouldn’t wade through a really deep puddle, or stand outside in a tropical storm and expect your socks to stay bone dry. Mizzles will still attempt to keep the water out, but water can seep in. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m aware that it might.

How do they look?

When I first saw Allbirds, I avoided trying them because I thought they looked a bit bulky in pictures. But then I went to visit their shop in Covent Garden to try a pair on. Yes, they are bigger than other shoes I’ve worn (and by bigger, I mean thicker material and a sturdier base) but they still look fine with anything from skinny jeans to walking trousers. 

I haven’t worn them with skirts or dresses yet as I tend to like keeping my legs covered in the rain, but I think they would still look okay. However, if you’re after a smaller, daintier shoe for those occasions (and don’t mind getting your feet wet) the Allbirds Skippers or Flats might be better. 

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When can you wear Allbirds Mizzles?

Allbirds Mizzles, like all other Allbirds shoes, are comfortable and stylish enough to wear in most situations. 

Since I bought them last year, they fast became my first choice for pretty much every activity – long walks, short walks, commuting, travelling, in the rainforests of Costa Rica and the Kenyan outback… Yep, even in really hot countries. But my feet can tend to get quite sweaty if worn on hot days. They’re designed for wet weather and cold winters, after all, but they’re my most comfortable pair of shoes so I still wanted them with me! 

I also just wear them around the office, but we have a smart casual dress code so I can get away with it. I wouldn’t wear them to work if your boss requires you to wear anything super fancy. 

Are Allbirds worth the money?

Before I bought them, I was constantly trying to decide whether they were worth the expense. Yes, they are expensive but they also last a very long time. When you consider how often you’ll wear these shoes, and the number of pairs they might replace, they are good value. Plus, you can’t put a price on comfort!

You can get a pair of Mizzles for $115 in the US. Mizzles in the UK will cost you £115.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Allbirds Mizzles

Do Allbirds Mizzles stretch?

Allbirds shoes are only available in full sizes and they’re designed to be quite snug, so they recommend going for the size up if you’re in between sizes. They will stretch slightly to better suit your feet too.

As my Allbirds Mizzles are the right size for me, they haven’t stretched but they have moulded nicely to my feet. 

Are Allbirds hot in summer?

I have found my Mizzles can get quite hot in the summer as they’re designed for cold weather. When I go for long walks in hot weather, my feet can get quite sweaty, but I don’t notice until I take them off. That said, the Merino wool used in the Mizzles is breathable, wicks away moisture and regulates temperature too, so it could be much worse!

If you’re more worried about your feet getting hot than wet, you might prefer Allbird’s Tree Skippers instead of the Mizzles. 

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Can you run in Allbirds?

You can run in Allbirds Mizzles, but it’s not really what they’re designed for. Instead, you should probably try the new Allbirds Dashers which are specifically made for running. The tree fibres in the Dashers’ material is durable and breathable, and the sole is super supportive for great running performance.

Can Allbirds get wet?

If you stand in puddles or go out in the rain wearing normal, non-Mizzle Allbirds, the water can seep through and make your socks a bit wet. But that’s exactly what the Mizzles are for – so if you’re planning on wearing Allbirds in the rain, it’s best to go for Mizzles.

Do they smell?

I haven’t noticed my Allbirds smelling yet, and I’ve been wearing them every day for the past 7 or 8 months. The castor bean oil insole is also designed to reduce odours.

You can also machine wash all types of Allbirds trainers if they do get dirty or you start to notice a whiff. You just need to remove the insoles and laces for handwashing, before putting the rest in a delicates bag in a cold machine wash.

Where can I buy Allbirds Mizzles?

Allbirds are a direct to consumer brand, so you won’t find them on Amazon or any other third party website. You’ll need to head to if you’re in the US, or in the UK to pick up a pair. 

It’s so easy to buy online, and Allbirds are currently offering a 100 day returns policy with no questions asked. So you’ve got nothing to lose by trying them!

Head to to buy your pair today!


All in all, I love my Allbirds Mizzles. They’re still the most comfortable shoes I own and I love the fact I supported a genuinely good company when I bought them. I don’t even mind if it rains any more as I know my feet will stay toasty and dry when I lace up my Mizzles. As a Brit, I think that’s the biggest compliment I can give.

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3 thoughts on “Allbirds Mizzles Review

  1. Alex B says:

    I bought 3 pairs of the running shoes, they grab on dirt fast. I love them and are comfortable, but don’t recommend light colors. They stain fast and they don’t wash out like they claim.

    • Anna (wouldbetraveller) says:

      Great point, Alex 👍 all my Allbirds are dark colours and thankfully I haven’t needed to wash them yet, but good to know!

  2. Nick Bertram says:

    Thanks Anna, really useful review! Just bought a pair of Mizzles – they look great and seem very comfortable so far. Looking forward to trying them out properly when we get out of Lockdown.

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