Allbirds Tree Skippers Review

In this Allbirds Tree Skippers review, I’ll share exactly why these really comfortable travel shoes deserve to be in every suitcase, or on every pair of feet!

You may have already read my review about the Allbirds Mizzles, where I raved about their ability to keep my feet dry on even the wettest days in England. I fell in love with them right away, and it was then that my Allbirds addiction started. 

In search of a casual, comfy, everyday pair of shoes for travel, that I could wear in nearly every occasion and with almost every outfit, I picked the Allbirds Tree Skippers. And I’m so glad I did.

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About Tree Skippers

Widely hailed as the world’s most comfortable shoes, Allbirds make a range of shoes made from natural materials with a conscience. The Tree Skippers are Allbirds’ version of ‘boat shoes’ for everyday use, with a low cut top and a short set of laces.

They are incredibly light and comfortable enough to wear all day long, on walks, when travelling and anything else you fancy doing! Though do check out the Allbirds Dashers, Runners and Mizzles if you need them for anything more active.

The eucalyptus fibres in Tree Skippers shoes are sourced from FSC certified forests, meaning they are a really ethical choice. Through the materials used and the energy that goes into making Tree Skippers, their carbon footprint is 7.5kg, but Allbirds offsets this figure to make them completely carbon neutral.

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Allbirds Tree vs. Wool

If this is your first time looking for information on Allbirds shoes, you might not know the differences between their Wool and Tree materials. In short, this refers to the material used to make the outer layers of your shoes – either wool or eucalyptus fibres. 

The wool shoes are made from Merino Wool from sheep, which make for a super soft, comfortable and pillowy feeling underfoot. However, just like a woolly jumper, they are designed to wear in colder weather to keep your feet warm and cosy. That said, Allbirds say the fibres are breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking.

I tried wearing my Allbirds Mizzles (their water repellent shoes) on hot days, but the wool material made my feet overheat and get very sweaty. In contrast, they are ideal for rainy days in England to make sure my feet don’t freeze. 

Made from FSC certified eucalyptus fibres, the Tree material is silky smooth and breathable enough to keep your feet cool even in really warm weather. Tree shoes still have a merino wool lining on the sole to keep you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. 

It was this exact reason that I bought my next pair of Allbirds in the Tree material after reading reviews of the tree skippers. I have worn them on tropical days in England (yes, they do exist!) where my feet remained cool and bone dry after a long walk. They really are breathable! 

Tree Skippers Review: The Pros

I’ll be honest – I completely love my Allbirds Tree Skippers. I originally bought them after falling in love with the Allbirds Mizzles, but found them too warm and bulky to wear on summer days with lighter outfits. In contrast, the Tree Skippers make perfect travel shoes. 

With a low cut style, the Tree Skippers can be dressed up with a skirt or pair of skinny jeans for ladies, or a pair of smart trousers for gents. They are also casual enough to wear with jeans or leggings if you wanted to dress them down.

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The Tree material is really flexible and soft so in my opinion, they definitely live up to Allbirds’ claim to be the most comfortable shoes in the world. It sounds crazy, but I sometimes forget I’m wearing them! That said, they still feel very sturdy on my feet with a cushioned, arched insert, so you’re not sacrificing support for comfort.

They’re available in a full range of colours, including the classic charcoal or pure white, as well as a number of limited edition ones that, at the time of writing, includes blue, pink, green and yellow. 

I haven’t yet needed to wash them, so I can’t vouch for how well they scrub up, but it’s advised to pick a darker colour that won’t show the dirt if you plan on taking them into the great outdoors. 

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Cons of the Tree Skippers

As awesome as the Tree Skippers are, there are a couple of negatives to cover in this Allbirds Tree Skippers review. One negative is the fact they’re only available in full sizes. If you’re between sizes, it’s best to go a size up to make sure you can also squeeze in a pair of socks if you need to. 

If you don’t wear them with socks, dust and dirt can seep in through the small holes in the material to make your feet quite dirty after a walk. While this isn’t too much of a problem, it’s still worth noting in case you take them off before walking over a brand new white carpet! 

Yes, they are expensive, but I think they’re completely worth it. I have worn them for long periods at a time, almost every day for the past 9 months and they show no sign of wearing out or needing replacement. Plus, thanks to the sustainability practices in place, it’s great to know you’re investing in shoes that will not have a negative impact on the environment. 

Where to buy Allbirds Tree Skippers

You can only buy Tree Skippers directly from Allbirds, so you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else. Select your country below to go to your local Allbirds site:

They have stores across major cities in the US, Europe, Asia and New Zealand where you can try them on for size, but the returns policy will also allow you to buy them online and take 30 days to make your mind up – even if you’ve worn them outside!

Any lightly used returns are given directly to the charity Soles4Souls and then distributed to people in need across the world. Another great reason to give them a go!

The Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of travel shoes that will keep your feet cool, comfy and still look great, you’ll find exactly what you need with Allbirds Tree Skippers

Head to to buy your pair today!

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  1. Laure Lamason says:

    Re Allbirds tree skippers – I loved mine and wore them constantly until I got a hole the big toe area
    That has happened with another 2 pairs of my Allbirds. Real shame because they are so comfortable

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