Hidrate Spark Pro Review

Water droplets representing hydration

Part of my new year’s resolution is to drink more water. The health benefits are obvious, but remembering to hydrate is a much bigger problem for me than it should be. That’s why when I stumbled across the Hidrate Spark Pro, a smart bottle that tracks your intake and reminds you when you’re behind, I[…]

Is the Marina Bay Sands worth it?

Marina Bay Sands hotel at dusk

If you’re asking yourself whether a stay at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is worth it, you’ve probably looked at their website and baulked at the price. But that hasn’t quite stopped you from dreaming, has it? You’ll likely have many reasons for wanting to stay at Singapore’s most famous hotel, from the location[…]

What to Wear in Hot and Humid Climates

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, a very humid country

Packing for humidity can be a real challenge. After all, whatever you choose to wear when it’s hot and humid will likely be drenched in sweat within a few hours of you stepping away from the air conditioning.  But, never fear! This post shares my favourite things to wear in hot and humid countries to[…]

Skiing Packing List: What to Wear & Pack for A Ski Trip

three downhill skiiers wearing items from a ski trip packing list

You’ve booked your flights, reserved your room and got your lift pass sorted. But what’s on your packing list for skiing? No fear if it’s currently empty – in this post, I’ve listed absolutely everything you need to buy and pack for your next ski trip. I’ve also taken this opportunity to recommend some of[…]

Where to Eat in Barcelona as a Vegetarian

La Trocadero vegan restaurant Barcelona

In a city famed for its tapas bars with full legs of ham framed in the windows, you may think it a struggle to be vegetarian in Barcelona. Yet, this hip, cosmopolitan city has come a long way from its traditional Spanish roots. It is now home to some of the best vegetarian and vegan[…]

The Best Adult Teepee: Large enough for a garden teepee party!

Adult teepee in the sunshine

Every garden deserves a teepee. Thankfully, these super fun tents are making a huge comeback as we’re spending more time at home and in the open air. But where can you find an adult teepee, large enough to fit all your friends? Spoiler alert: Tucson Teepees on Etsy! Disclaimer: While this post contains affiliate links,[…]

What To Know Before Travelling To Cuba

Revolution Square

Cuba is definitely the place to go at the moment, but it can be overwhelming and differ from your expectations. Desperate to visit before tourism threatens to change the country forever, travellers are arriving in their thousands to grab a slice of the Cuban pie. But what should you know before travelling to Cuba? These Cuba[…]