What to Wear in Hot and Humid Climates

Packing for humidity can be a real challenge. After all, whatever you choose to wear when it’s hot and humid will likely be drenched in sweat within a few hours of you stepping away from the air conditioning. 

But, never fear! This post shares my favourite things to wear in hot and humid countries to keep you cool, comfortable and stylish too. So take a look at the full humidity packing list below, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

T-Shirts and vests

One of my favourite items of clothing to wear in high humidity is a lightweight t-shirt or vest. By wearing something loose-fitting, you’re giving your skin an opportunity to release sweat to keep your body cool and comfortable. 

My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Aliso Vest Top – This white vest top is specifically designed to keep you cool on the move, even in the highest humidity settings. It’s also super stretchy, so no matter what you get up to, you’ll be comfortable too.
  • Vuori Sunset Top – If white vest tops are your style, you’ll love this loose-fitting one from Vuori. It’s sleeveless, breathable and comes complete with a pocket on the chest to store your essentials!
  • Atmos Short-Sleeved T-Shirt – T-shirt fans will adore this plain short-sleeved t-shirt from Craghoppers. Featuring short capped sleeves, it’s effortlessly stylish, and the stretchy fabric is partly made from recycled plastic bottles to help reduce landfill waste. 
  • Icebreaker Tech Lite Tee – The Icebreaker range of tech lite tees is made from super soft merino wool. But before you panic at the thought of wearing wool in hot and humid climates, hear me out! Merino naturally resists odours, it’s breathable and, best of all, keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. This makes it one of the best fabrics when choosing clothing for high humidity.

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Belardo Short Sleeved T-Shirt – The Belardo tee for men is made from fabrics engineered to keep your body cool when it’s hot, by effectively removing the moisture when you sweat. It washes and dries really quickly, thanks to the recycled polyester and lightweight design.
  • Craghoppers Nosibotanical Sten Short Sleeve T-Shirt – The Nosibotanical range of humid clothing from Craghoppers is specifically designed to guard against biting insects. And as mosquitoes are often synonymous with hot climates, this lightweight tee is also built with cooling properties in mind. 
  • Icebreaker Tech Lite Alp Ascension Tee – For something with a bit more flair, the Alp Ascension tee from Icebreaker features a hand-drawn mountain design on the front and a larger design on the back. But what makes it some of the best men’s clothing for high humidity is the fact it is made from merino wool. This naturally wonderful fabric is moisture wicking, temperature regulating and great at controlling odours too. You won’t want to travel anywhere humid without it!
  • Patagonia P-6 Label Pocket Responsibili-tee – Nothing beats a classic white tee, and this one is lightweight, breathable and beautifully designed too. But as is evident from the name, the responsibili-tee is Patagonia’s first carbon-neutral t-shirt. It’s made from fabric scraps, recycled cotton and recycled bottles to make it a fully recycled garment. 

Head to the Craghoppers website to view the full collection, and use the code TRAVEL15 for an exclusive 15% off!

Long-sleeved tops

While it may seem counterintuitive to wear long sleeves in high humidity, the extra fabric on your arms actually has many hidden benefits. Not only can long sleeves protect you from the sun and biting insects, but they also come in really handy when you’re moving between the humid conditions outside and the cool temperatures inside. Roll your sleeves up when it’s hot, and down when it’s cold!

My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Nosilife Erin Long Sleeved Top – All of Craghoppers’ Nosilife range is designed to protect your skin from biting insects, but this long-sleeved top is also made from light material that effectively wicks sweat away from your body. If you’re worried about odour, don’t be! The fabric has special anti-odour properties, making it perfect for wearing in hot and humid climates. 
  • Patagonia Long-Sleeved Cool Trail Shirt – Like the Craghoppers top above, this long-sleeved shirt from Patagonia is super lightweight and loose to keep you cool and calm when it’s hot. It also has odour control and is made from recycled materials, so you’re doing good too. 

And for men:

  • Ayacucho Bamboo Long-Sleeved Tee – Made from a mix of bamboo and cotton, this long-sleeved crew by Ayacucho is really soft and comfortable. This mix of materials has natural cooling, anti-odour and moisture-wicking properties to keep you at your best even when it’s really humid outside. 
  • Craghoppers Nosilife Talent Long-Sleeved T-Shirt – The Talen long-sleeved shirt comes in a wide range of colours and is super stylish too. It’s lightweight, breathable and designed to be loose fitting, so it will effectively wick away sweat to keep you cool when it’s hot. But the best part of this item is the Nosilife properties that keep you safe from biting insects. 
Wearing long sleeves in a humid climate

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When packing for tropical climates, most people make the mistake of expecting it to be hot and humid all the time. However, you don’t want to be caught out if it cools down in the evening or there’s a day when the temperature dramatically drops. But most importantly, humid countries will likely have air conditioning indoors to make the heat more bearable. What if that air conditioning is on too high? You’ll need a sweater!

My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Nosibotanical Eden Hooded Jacket – This zipped hoodie is perfect for quickly zipping up when it’s too cold, and taking off once you get outside. The hood is also ideal if you’re stuck in a rainstorm and don’t want your head to get wet. What’s more, being a Nosibotanical hoodie, it features a plant-based insect repellent built into the fabric to keep those nasties away.
  • Patagonia Strip Crew Sweatshirt – This classic sweatshirt features a stylish striped design and is super comfortable thanks to the brushed interior and slightly loose fit. It’s lightweight, breathable and made from recycled polyester and cotton. It’ll keep you warm in the cool air-conditioned air, but will also wick away moisture from your body when you get a little too hot. 

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Nosibotanical Cambra Jacket – The Cambra jacket is ideal for slipping on and off, and for layering with a basic tee when humidity strikes. Available in a couple of different colours, it’s a classic style and shape, and a must for any packing list. The odour-controlling panels and insect-repellent treatment are also a must for humid climates. 
  • Fjallraven Vardag Sweater – Fjallraven is a brand synonymous with adventure, so it’s only fitting I include it in the list of humid weather clothes. It’s light and breathable, and the classic crew neck design is timeless. Made from organic cotton, it has a smaller footprint than many other styles too.


If you’re travelling to a humid country, you’ll more than likely be caught out in a rain storm. It, therefore, makes sense to pack a lightweight raincoat to keep you dry. There are plenty of raincoats to choose from, so I’ve made it easier for you to pick the perfect one for you by listing my favourites below.

My top picks for ladies:

  • The North Face First Dawn Packable Jacket – This packable waterproof jacket is lightweight and very easy to stuff into your day bag. That means you can always have it to hand, ready for those tropical downpours. The breathable fabric also keeps you cool, even when it’s hot.
  • Ayacucho Adventure Jacket – Ideal for rainy days, this lightweight adventure jacket from Ayacucho keeps you dry with its water-resistant coating. It’s lightweight and breathable, while the adjustable hood gives it a tailored fit. 
  • Craghoppers Waterproof Laurel Jacket – The Laurel waterproof jacket from Craghoppers is made from recycled materials, helping to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions. It’s also lightweight and breathable, to help regulate body temperature in hot and humid conditions. 

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Creevey Jacket – The Creevey jacket is light enough to be packed into your day bag but effective enough to keep you dry in a tropical storm. The lightweight fabrics allow moisture to escape, so you stay cool too. 
  • The North Face Dryzzle Futurelight Jacket – The iconic Dryzzle jacket from the North Face is engineered for warm weather. The technology behind the Futurelight material enables air to permeate through a completely waterproof layer, so the rain will stay out, but air can still circulate to keep you cool.
  • Ayacucho Yosemite Jacket – The Yosemite jacket is made from fully recycled polyester, making it soft and eco-friendly but perfectly waterproof too. Underarm ventilating zips and the lightweight, breathable fabric makes it ideal for wearing during tropical rainstorms and humid spells.


Shorts are the order of the day when it’s hot. Choose breathable fabrics in light colours to protect your skin from the sun and heat. Elasticated waistbands also make sure you stay comfortable whether you’re sitting, standing or trekking, so opt for these if you can.

My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Kiwi III Pro Shorts – These shorts are made from a stretchy fabric that provides comfort and a wide range of motion with every wear. But what’s more, that fabric is water repellent, recycled and treated with Craghoppers’ anti-insect technology, making them the perfect travel shorts for all climates. 
  • Ayacucho Goa Shorts – These linen shorts from Ayacucho are casual, light and airy, making them perfect for hot days in the sun. They’re soft, breathable and loose-fitting, thanks to the elasticated waistband and drawstring. You won’t find more comfortable shorts than these!
  • Tentree Destination Fulton Shorts – Tentree clothing is ultra sustainable, thanks to recycled materials and ethical manufacturing methods. What’s more, they plant 10 trees for every product sold, so you’ll be giving back when you buy these super comfy, jersey shorts. 

And for men:

  • Patagonia Lightweight Hemp Volley Shorts – Made from a mixture of hemp and organic cotton, these shorts are soft and lightweight, keeping you cool even in the hottest conditions. They’re elasticated with a drawstring cord, so no matter what you get up to in them, you’ll be comfortable too. 
  • Passenger Tahoe Casual Shorts – The casual Tahoe shorts from Passenger are made from a mixture of vegan-friendly materials, that are lightweight, breathable and very quick-drying. The relaxed fit is stylish and perfect for every day. 
  • Tentree Joshua Hemp Shorts – The mix of hemp and recycled polyester makes these shorts soft, stretchy and stylish too. With two front pockets and one on the back, you’ve got room for your essentials – ideal for relaxation and practicality. 


Lightweight trousers or pants made from linen and other breathable fabrics will keep you cool, even on the hottest days. Choose baggy, loose or wide-leg pants to give your legs lots of space to breathe and move, no matter what your day has ahead.

My top picks for women:

  • Barbour Cherbury Pants – These 100% linen palazzo pants are light and breathable, with an elasticated waistband for style and comfort. The classic fit is perfect for dressing up with a strappy top in the evening, or a loose tee during the heat of the day. 
  • Patagonia Island Hemp Beach Pants –  The cotton and hemp mix of these Patagonia pants gives a linen-like feel and a loose, comfortable fit. Featuring plenty of pockets, there’s enough room to store your essentials, and the slightly tapered fit gives an effortless style too.
  • Craghoppers Rosa Trousers – Perfect for summer and hot, humid conditions, the Rosa trousers are light, bright and breezy. With a sunglasses wipe, two standard pockets and a hidden, zipped security pocket, there are plenty of technical features that help set them aside from others. 

And for men:

  • Vuori Ripstop Pants – These slim summer trousers are made with organic cotton for a lightweight but comfortable fit. And, featuring both mesh and zipped pockets, they’re practical as well as stylish.
  • Ayacucho Fitzroy Cargo Pants – Ideal for hiking, trekking and everyday walking about town, these cargo pants from Ayacucho are made with recycled polyester. They’re water-repellent and full of pockets, so they’re functional too. 
  • Craghoppers Kiwi Classic Trousers – These classic walking trousers from Craghoppers are packed full of features for travel and everyday life. Made from recycled plastic bottles, they’re designed to be water repellent and protect from biting insects and the sun too. 

Dresses and skirts

Choosing a floaty dress or lightweight skirt, your legs will feel bright and breezy, even in the most humid of conditions outside. Again, go for light fabrics, and choose a length and style that you’re comfortable with wearing both day and night. Loose is best in humidity, to help your skin breathe and any sweat to easily evaporate. 

My top dress picks:

  • Nosibotanical Nicolet Dress – Nicolet is the ideal day-to-night dress, with its elegant pink and grey striped pattern and lace detail. The fabric is a blend of soft linen and cotton, but it has the added benefit of Craghoppers’ anti-insect treatment. It’s cool, breathable and in a really comfortable shift style with five handy pockets for practicality.
  • Ayacucho Malibu Dress – This jersey-style midi dress has a sage green leaf pattern and a flattering fit. The Tencel and cotton blend fabric is quick-drying, sustainable and UV resistant, making it an ideal mix for hot and humid weather. 
  • Barbour Fairburn Dress – The 100% cotton make-up of the Fairburn dress is lightweight, airy and lets your skin breathe. It features a white and grey stripe, large pockets and front button detailing for a stylish design that can be dressed up with sandals, or down with sneakers for an everyday look.

And skirts:

  • Ayacucho Bamboo Seersucker Skort – With the style of a skirt, but the practicality of a pair of shorts, the Seersucker skort is ideal for hot and humid weather. It’s made with a bamboo fabric, which is quick-drying, breathable and stretchy to make it comfortable, whatever you get up to.
  • Sherpa Padma Pull-On Skirt – Padma is Sherpa’s best-selling skirt, but now even more environmentally friendly! Made with a blend of organic cotton and a fibre extracted from beechwood trees, the skirt is soft and flowy and super soft too. It’s ideal for the hottest of days, so make sure you pack it!
  • Brakeburn Aster Daisy Print Skirt – This daisy print skirt features a flattering paper bag waistband, making it soft, comfortable and wearable in all situations. Falling above the knee, it allows lots of air to circulate around your legs, keeping you cool in the most humid conditions. 
A lady wearing a dress stands infront of the Singapore skyline with her arms spread


You can’t forget shoes when you’re packing for humidity! But make sure you’re packing for your environment too. Flip flops are perfect for beach days or lounging around by the pool, but you’ll need comfortable, breathable shoes when exploring a city or when travelling. Heading to the jungle? Make sure you’ve got a pair of sturdy walking boots that will protect you from the rainforest floor. 


My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Eco-Lite Shoes – The Eco-Lite shoes are made from a lightweight mesh material, with a sole made from recycled foam, ground coffee beans and recycled rubber. They’re in a low-rise sneaker style, giving them a small enough profile to be squeezed into a day bag, but still comfortable enough to wear on your everyday adventures.
  • Craghoppers Jacara Mid Shoes – If you’re after something a little sturdier for walking or hiking, these Jacara shoes from Craghoppers may be just what you’re looking for. Of course, they provide exceptional support for your feet, but they also are treated with insect repellent technology to ward away biting insects, they’re waterproof for guaranteed dryness, and they’re also totally breathable to allow the air to circulate.
  • Allbirds Tree Pipers – My personal favourite shoes for travelling are Allbirds, and the Pipers, in particular, are super comfortable. Made from a blend of eucalyptus fibres, they’re lightweight, breathable and silky smooth. They’re a classic sneaker style, so whatever you’re doing, your feet will look the part!

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Eco-Lite Shoes – These classic sneakers really do live up to their name. They’re eco-friendly, thanks to recycled materials and ethical trading practices. They’re light and breathable, thanks to the mesh construction, which keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Available in a couple of different colours, you’re sure to find some you love.
  • Craghoppers Onega Mid Shoes – As part of the Craghoppers brand, they’re top quality and perfectly designed for whatever outdoor pursuits you’ve got planned. They’re built for walking and hiking, but even when it’s hot and humid, your feet will stay cool because of the breathable fabric and low-rise style.
  • Allbirds Tree Runners – Allbirds is well-known for making some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet, and it does so sustainably with organic materials and ethical practices. These Runners are made from eucalyptus fibres in a mesh pattern, which allows your feet to breathe and keep comfortable when walking, running or chilling.


My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Locke Sandals – These sturdy sandals were made for hot weather. The moulded midsole (made in part from ground coffee beans!) keeps your feet comfortable and protected, while the webbing upper has been treated with anti-insect technology to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay.
  • Merrells Kahuna III Sandals – Another pair of classic sandals, the Kahuna from Merrells are ideal for walking and hiking, even when it’s hot. The specially contoured sole protects and supports your feet, and the grippy bottoms keep you travelling on the right path. 
  • The North Face Base Camp Mini II Flip Flops – Sometimes you can’t beat a good pair of flip flops, and these ones from the North Face are certainly that. The durable footbeds provide a soft yet sturdy base for your feet and arches, while the synthetic upper is comfortable between your toes. 

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Locke Sandals – Made from recycled materials, the Locke sandals from Craghoppers are both an ethical and practical choice. They come complete with an anti-insect treatment, providing a great defence against mosquitoes and other biting insects. 
  • The North Face Hedgehog Sandals – The textured footbed on these Hedgehog sandals will keep your feet safe and secure, no matter how hot they get. Ideal for all types of terrain, these sandals are sturdy enough to keep your feet comfortable and protected for all your adventures.
  • Reef Fanning Flip Flops – These flip flops from Reef are full of features for such a small amount of material, all built with breathability and comfort in mind. They have a perforated and padded liner, a soft and squishy footbed and even an airbag in the heel for extra bounce. What’s more, there’s a bottle opener on the bottom, so they’re absolutely perfect for the beach! 


Socks are vitally important in hot and humid countries. Without them, the sweat on your feet can cause walking shoes to rub and develop blisters. Choose a pair of breathable socks designed for hot weather. I’ve picked out my favourites below:

My top picks:

  • Craghoppers Heat-Regulating Travel Socks – Heat-regulating socks do exactly what they say on the tin: they keep you warm when your feet are cold, and cool when your feet are warm. These Craghoppers socks for men and for women feature a cushioned sole, toe and heel, making them ideal for pairing with hiking or walking shoes on active adventures.
  • Allbirds Trino Tubers – These socks are made from a sustainable blend of eucalyptus fibres and merino wool, giving them unique moisture-wicking and odour-controlling properties. This also makes them super soft and breathable, yet durable too. 
  • Bridgedale Coolmax Liner Socks – These travel socks for men and for women are made from a special fabric, which absorbs heat from the body and distributes it to help you cool down. They wick perspiration away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable. 

Light Scarf

Packing a light scarf can be a great way of protecting your skin from the sun, but also of keeping you warm when the sun goes down or if the air conditioning is up too high. Plus, they’re really easy to pack in a day bag and have many uses! Fold into a head scarf, wrap it around your neck, unravel as a blanket or simply drape it over your shoulders. Opt for light cotton or another lightweight material to best suit the heat and humidity.

My top picks:

  • Craghoppers Nosilife Florie Scarf – The Craghoppers Florie Scarf is great for humid weather, as it’s lightweight and dries really quickly. This means it can wick moisture away from your body to keep you cool but does it with an anti-insect treatment built in. So, drape around your neck whenever you need a little extra cover or protection, and you’ll thank me later!
  • Craghoppers Nosibotanical Blair Shawl – If you prefer more large scarves that can also work as blankets, the Blair shawl is exactly what you’re looking for. In hot and humid countries, a single layer of this will keep you covered thanks to its lightweight cotton and linen construction. But that’s not all! The Nosibotanical technology built into the scarf wards off biting insects for up to 25 washes.

Sun Hat

Heat, humidity and the sun are a lethal combination, so make sure you protect your head too. Choose one with a large enough rim to shield your eyes and face from the sun. Breathable fabrics will allow heat to escape, thereby regulating your temperature too. 

My top picks for ladies:

  • Craghoppers Nosilife Sun Hat – They don’t call this hat a sun hat for nothing! With UV protection equivalent to SPF50, you can rest assured your head is protected even on the sunniest of days. The bucket hat style is reversible and made from lightweight fabrics that wick away moisture to keep you cool. It’s also treated with Craghoppers’ Nosilife technology to keep the bugs away.
  • The North Face Horizon Cap – This baseball cap from The North Face is ideal for hot and humid conditions. It features a quick-drying sweatband to keep sweat away from the face, while the nylon mesh back with folded opening helps heat escape, and is perfect for wearing with a ponytail. 
  • Tentree Festival Hat – This 100% wool hat is the perfect fashion accessory, even when it’s hot. Designed with a fedora style, the contrasting cork band gives it a modern finish. What’s more, it’s incredibly light, sustainable and comfortable, with a brim wide enough to protect your eyes from the sun while wearing it. 

And for men:

  • Craghoppers Expert Kiwi Ranger Hat – The Ranger hat is designed for adventure. It’s made with a recycled and water-repellent fabric, which provides protection from showers and biting insects too. It also features sun protection, with a wide brim and light colour, to reduce the amount of heat absorbed.
  • Craghoppers Expert Kiwi Cap – This baseball cap from Craghoppers is made, in part, from recycled materials to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions. It’s also water-repellent and treated with anti-insect technology to keep those pesky insects at bay.
  • Buff Explore Booney Hat – The Booney hat is made for warm conditions and warm activities, making it ideal for hot and humid weather. It features a wide brim to protect both your face and your neck from the sun, while the recycled materials are lightweight and breathable too to keep you cool. 
Three people wearing Craghoppers clothes in a humid country, infront of a waterfall

Travel Accessories for Humidity

Now that we’ve got the best clothing for high humidity sorted, it’s important to consider what other accessories you might need to take with you. These range from electronics and devices to keep you cool, to toiletries that guard your skin against the sun and biting insects. 

Mosquito Repellent 

With more skin exposed due to the hot temperatures, your body is at a higher risk of being bitten by insects or mosquitoes. Make sure you are as protected as possible by packing a high-quality mosquito repellent in your bag with you. 

My top picks:

  • Insect Repellent Spray – This is my go-to brand for protection against insect bites. It’s DEET-free, but still highly effective and scientifically proven to repel biting insects for up to 5 hours. Unlike most repellents, it has a natural, pleasant smell and is completely cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Heat it Insect Bite Healer – Of course, it’s better to avoid insect bites due to the likelihood of causing disease. However, if you’re unlucky enough to get bitten, this smartphone-powered device uses your smartphone’s battery to heat up and provide chemical-free treatment for insect bites. It works by connecting to the ‘heat it’ app, which personalises the amount of heat required to alleviate pain and itching from bites. 
  • Craghoppers Nosilife – If you want extra protection from biting insects, give Craghoppers’ range of anti-insect clothing a go. From stylish hiking gear to fashionable clothes for a city break, you’ll be protected simply by the clothes you’re wearing. Take a look at the full collection now. 

Sun Cream 

Humid countries can often be hazy, with clouds and fog hiding the sun. However, it’s just as important to have effective sun protection with you to make sure you don’t burn or soak up harmful rays. 

My top picks:

  • Malibu 50SPF Sun Lotion – This 50SPF sun lotion from the British brand, Malibu, is ideal for hot and humid climates. It helps protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, with a vegan formulation that is cruelty-free and kind to your skin too. This one is also the perfect size to pack in your hand luggage.
  • Bondi Sands 30SPF Sun Lotion – The non-greasy formula of this Australian-made sunscreen brand leaves your skin protected and feeling moisturised. It’s fragrance-free, cruelty-free and reef friendly too, meaning it doesn’t contain chemicals proven to cause coral bleaching.
  • Sun Bum 50SPF Sun Lotion – The original formula from Sun Bum provides you with moisturising sun protection, suitable for all skin types. It smells like summer thanks to its coconutty fragrance, with a velvety feel that rubs in quickly and easily, but isn’t greasy. Of course, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and reef safe too. 

Day Bags

You’ll need a day bag to carry these items in, so make sure you choose one that won’t weigh you down or be uncomfortable to carry. It should be large enough to store your belongings, but not large enough that you’re carrying extra weight when you don’t need it.

My top picks:

  • Lowe Alpine AirZone 18L Backpack – The AirZone bags from Lowe Alpine are specifically designed for hot and humid climates. It features a suspended mesh carry system with fast-wicking hip fins that circulate the air around you, helping you keep cool. 
  • Osprey Talon 22 Daypack – The Osprey Talon 22 Daypack is a lightweight bag, fitted with a breathable back panel that minimises heat and sweat transfer. There’s plenty of room for all your belongings, including water bottles and snacks. But it’s also compatible with Osprey’s Hydraulics Reservoirs, so you can hydrate straight from the bag via a tube and straw. 
  • Craghoppers 14L Kiwi Classic Bag – This classic backpack is an ideal travel companion. It features a water-repellent exterior, which is ideal in humid conditions, to keep your items dry and protected. Though it’s the smallest pick of day bags on this list, it’s still got plenty of room for all your essentials, including a padded tablet or laptop pocket, a large main compartment and side pockets for your water bottle.

Reusable Water Bottle

Dehydration is all too common in hot and humid countries and is a very dangerous condition too. It’s essential to drink enough water to keep yourself cool and your body hydrated, especially when it’s hot. 

Tap water is not always safe to drink, so make sure you take a reusable bottle with you everywhere you go and take the opportunity to fill it up at drinking fountains you may spot on your travels. There are plenty of different water bottles to choose from, each with different features, materials and styles. I’ve picked out just a few of my favourites below. 

My top picks:

  • Craghoppers Insulated Water Bottle – The insulated water bottle from Craghoppers works well to keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. It’s lightweight and can hold 750ml of your favourite drink to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. The bamboo lid and flexible handle make it a stylish essential to keep in your day bag. 
  • Water-to-Go – The Water-to-Go bottle is much more than just a water bottle. It comes with a filter around the mouthpiece, which allows you to fill up from almost any water source and drink it safely. This is ideal if you’re travelling to an area where drinking water is scarce, or where it’s not safe to drink straight from the tap. Use my code WBT15 on the Water-to-Go website to save 15%!
  • Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle – This Hydro Flask holds up to 32oz (just under a litre) of water, helping you keep hydrated all day long. Its double wall vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, but cold drinks will stay cold for 24. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colours to match your style.
  • Hidrate Spark Pro Water Bottle – The Hidrate Spark Pro is my new favourite thing. It keeps track of the amount of water you drink throughout the day, alerting you through the light-up puck in the base of the bottle when you’re behind your hydration target for the day. It can be difficult to know how much you’ve had to drink, but the Hidrate Spark Pro automatically measures your water intake, making it an ideal travel companion for hot and humid climates. 

Portable Fan

Trust me. A portable fan will be your new favourite travel accessory once you’ve travelled to the most tropical countries in the world. A paper fan works just as well, but if you prefer a battery-operated one, you can just hold it and let the fan do all the hard work for you. It’s the perfect way to cool down!

My top picks:

  • Hands-Free Neck Fan – A hands-free neck fan does exactly what it says on the tin. It hangs around your neck, blasting cool air onto your body. This one from Amazon charges via USB, so you can keep it topped up while you’re away, ready for the hottest days.
  • Handheld Fan – ​​A handheld fan like this one is a really easy and quick way of cooling down when you’re travelling. The beauty of this one is that it can be propped up on a table so you can point it at you while you’re relaxing or sleeping.
  • Bamboo Folding Fan – If you’re a fan of traditional ways to keep cool, you’ll love this effortlessly beautiful folding fan. It’s made from bamboo, so it’s a sustainable resource and a sturdy, effective product. Simply open it, waft it in front of your face and enjoy the cooling breeze. 
A lady holding a paper fan to cool down

Other Cooling Accessories

If you prefer other ways of keeping cool instead of a portable fan, check out these other cooling accessories that are perfect to use in hot and humid climates. I’ve included some of my favourite items below, that will keep you cool, calm and collected. 

My top picks:

  • Cooling towel – ​​A cooling towel is an easy, cheap and quick way to stay cool. Simply wet it with water, wring it out and then give it a snap. When you place the damp towel on your body, it gives an immediate cooling effect that will last for hours. 
  • Spray bottle – Sometimes you just need a blast of water to cool you down. By spraying your face and body with water, your body heat will help the water evaporate which, in turn, will work to cool you down. This spray bottle can be filled with tap water, and then pulling the trigger will release a fine mist of water. Give it a go!
  • Ice blocks – If you are staying somewhere with a freezer or ice box, pick up a couple of reusable cold packs like these from Amazon. They’re great for keeping any food or drink you have in your backpack cold during the day, but also ideal if you need a quick blast of cold on your forehead or body to cool you down rapidly.
  • Cooling pillow – Sleeping can be an almost impossible task when it’s too hot, especially if you don’t have air conditioning or a fan in your bedroom. Try a cooling pillow. It absorbs heat from your body and dissipates it away from you, helping you stay comfortable while you’re asleep. 


So there you have it, my round-up of the best clothing and accessories for high humidity. Now, get packing and enjoy your trip. Stay cool!

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