Ramadan In Jordan: Everything You Need To Know As A Visitor

If you’ve just booked a trip to Jordan in April or May 2020 (or between the dates of Thursday April 23 and Saturday May 23 2020 to be exact), your holiday is likely to coincide with Ramadan. While some would say it’s a difficult time to visit Jordan, it’s not! This post tells you all[…]

1 Week in Jordan: Itinerary and Travel Guide

Would Be Traveller 1 Week in Jordan Itinerary

Planning a holiday to Jordan? This is the perfect itinerary for 1 week in Jordan to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the sights, or must-visit places in this incredible country. 7 days is enough time for the highlights, but as always I would recommend longer. I guarantee you’ll be standing open mouthed[…]