Eco-friendly accommodation in Prague: Mosaic House

If all hostels were like Mosaic House, the world would be a better place. And I’m not even exaggerating.With its sole purpose on reducing its impact on the environment, Mosaic House offers eco-friendly accommodation in Prague, but it doesn’t compromise on anything else to do it. Beyond its focus on sustainability, Mosaic House is a stylish and effortlessly cool hostel that you’ll never want to leave.Would Be Traveller Mosaic House Breakfast

A Review of Mosaic House

Eco-friendly accommodation in Prague

Mosaic House is able to make some pretty bold claims about its sustainability policies. Not only was it the first hotel in the Czech Republic to use only renewable energy, it’s also one of the first in the world to use a grey water system with heat recuperation. In essence, that means it extracts the heat from hot waste water and uses it to warm up the new water – thereby reducing the amount of energy required to use hot water!Would Be Traveller Mosaic House BathroomBeyond its own commitments, Mosaic House encourages all its residents to follow suit. There are little reminders all over the place (but not in a preachy way) to consider your own impact on the environment. Next to the towels, there’s a clear message that it’s not necessary to change your towel every day. By the bath, you’ll spot tips on how to save water in the shower, and the bins remind you to place recyclables in the recycling bins by Mosaic House’s front door.Of course, it’s up to the customers to decide whether or not they want to play by the rules, but I’m willing to bet they do.

Super-stylish interiors

Mosaic House calls itself a design hotel, and that’s a title it richly deserves thanks to the bold, industrial decor mixed with statement pieces of both modern and traditional art. The mosaics that give the hotel its name can be found in the entrance hallway and on the landing of each of the hotel’s 6 floors. Outside, you’ll find mushroom lanterns that light up the hotel in the evening and sculptures of people hanging from umbrellas suspended in the air.Would Be Traveller Mosaic House Bar

Ideal location, close to major sights

The hotel is in a great location, far enough away from the centre of the Old Town to escape the crowds, but close enough that you don’t feel completely left out. You can walk to the Dancing House and river in less than 5 minutes, and 10 minutes later than that you’d be in the centre. It’s a great excuse to walk and explore a lesser-known part of the city!

It’s also easy to reach from the airport via a slightly long-winded journey by public transport. We took a bus, two metro trains and a tram, but still made it to Mosaic House in under an hour. Plus, at the third of the price of a taxi, we were quids in.

Rooms to suit all budgets

Mosaic House boasts a variety of different types of accommodation, from shared dormitories to en-suite double rooms, but there’s also superior rooms with a terrace offering awesome views over the city. Feel like splashing out? Opt to stay in the penthouse for an even more luxurious treat. All the rooms are spotlessly clean and very tastefully decorated, so you can’t really go wrong.The rooms have their fair share of eco measures too, with sensor-operated lights, organic toiletries in big bottles (no wasteful miniature toiletries in sight!) and little reminders everywhere to consider your impact on the environment from saving water to recycling your waste.Would Be Traveller Mosaic House Room Desk

Would Be Traveller Mosaic House Room

More than a hostel

You’ll notice I’ve been flitting between the words ‘hotel’ and ‘hostel’ in this review of Mosaic House, but I really can’t decide what it is. With its dormitory-style rooms and a lively social scene, Mosaic House is technically a hostel, but once you close the door to your private room, you’d barely even know it.

Downstairs, there’s a social garden and a popular bar that was packed every night we stayed. Bar La Loca often hosts live music nights, karaoke events and discos, but if you’re just after a beer and some yummy food, stop by before it all kicks off at 9pm and you’ll be happy too.Speaking of food, Mosaic House offers an amazing breakfast buffet which you can pre-book with your room or at check-in. There’s plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, ranging from salads, breads and pastries to roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. It’s worth having, even just one morning, during your stay.Would Be Traveller Mosaic House Breakfast Buffet


Mosaic House is easily the nicest hostel I’ve ever stayed in, in all senses of the word ‘nice’. As the sign above the door says, “One House, One Thousand Memories”, and they’re memories you won’t want to forget in a hurry.

Disclaimer: I received a discount on my two night stay in a private room with terrace in return for this post, but everything written here is my honest review.

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