How to survive until your next holiday

If, like me, you live for the holidays, it can be really tough to get through a long and intense spell at work before your next trip away. When you have something as exciting as a holiday to look forward to, waiting just seems to take forever! Especially when the global pandemic we’re currently living in makes travel a long lost memory. So what can you do to make the time go faster? Here are some of my top tips on how to survive until your next holiday.

Get into a weekly routine 

Go to work, go to the gym, watch a new TV series… the more you follow a routine, the more your mind and body will get used to it. Your routine will become really easy to stick to, and your holiday will be here before you know it.

Look after yourself

Remember to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This will allow you to concentrate on other things, whilst making sure you are well for the holiday itself.

Distract yourself with day-to-day things

Start a new project or keep busy with your hobbies to help the time go faster. You could start a blog, take up baking or photography – anything to keep your mind off how slowly the time is going!

Get away from it all

Plan day trips or weekends away to new and exciting places. This will make the work week go faster as you’ll have things to look forward to as a reward for your hard work.

Space annual leave throughout the year 

By organising your annual leave throughout the year, you’ll have less time to wait between holidays. It will also help keep you fresh and avoid burn out by working for shorter periods at a time.

Plan parts of the holiday

There’s no harm in organising where you’re going to eat on your first night, how you’re going to get to your hotel, what’s on your must do list… You can research your destination to make sure things are ready for when you do actually go.

Try learning the language 

If you don’t share the mother tongue of your destination, you can keep yourself busy by learning the lingo. Listen to CDs, read phrase books and foreign language news. Why not go to a class? It’s an investment and a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of where you’re going.

Treat yourself 

Organise dinners out with friends and family, or treat yourself travel essentials for your trip. By rewarding yourself along the way, you’ll be less resentful of the hard work you’ve had to complete to achieve your holiday.

Allow yourself to be excited 

It’s okay to be excited! Look at pictures of where you’re going, read reviews, talk to people that have been before… it helps to get the excitement out every once in a while so that you don’t explode!

Book another holiday 

This is my ultimate aim for the rest of my life – never go on holiday without having another one planned. That way, when you do get back home, you will have another holiday to look forward to!


What do you do to keep yourself distracted before a holiday? Do you have any more top tips to share?

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One thought on “How to survive until your next holiday

  1. Hannah says:

    Great tips! I always try to spread my annual leave out for back load it for the end of the year so the 2nd half is a bit of a wind down to Christmas.

    Love a good weekend treat or getaway too!

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