Is this the best brunch in London?

A bottomless brunch seems like a really good idea. It’s a foodie trend growing across London with hundreds of restaurants now offering unlimited brunch foods and drink. Some even give you unlimited boozy drinks if you pay a little extra.

This morning I tried the Made Bar and Kitchen‘s version in Chalk Farm. For £14 each, three friends and I had two hours to eat our weight in pastries, toasted and jam before tucking in to one main course of our choice. Alcohol fuelled Saturday nights around the table meant we didn’t take advantage of unlimited Bellinis or Bloody Marys for £27.

My main course of choice was Eggs Norwegian- an Eggs Benedict minus the ham, plus the smoked salmon. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but still pretty good.

Eggs Norwegian

The stars of the show were definitely the pastries: light, tasty and just small enough to make you feel less guilty. We ate pain au chocolats, pain au raisins, croissants, waffles and toast with jam, marmite and butter (not altogether) Once our plates were clean, we ordered more pastries but immediately regretted it. They did let us take them with us though, so that was nice. The trick is definitely to arrive hungry. Very hungry.

unlimited pastries

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m told I can have as much as I like of something, I get bored of it pretty quickly. But give me a finite amount of something and I’m always left wanting more. Maybe bottomless things just aren’t my bag. Give me a big fat bottomed brunch any day.

So, no. I don’t think this is the best brunch in London, but it’s a gimmick I’m glad I tried. 

Have you tried a bottomless brunch before? What did you think?

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