10 Reasons to Visit Denmark

Denmark is the land of hygge, fairytales and so much more… find out the top 10 reasons to visit Denmark in this post, and get ready to book your trip!

1. Sustainability

Copenhagen has a desire to become completely carbon neutral by 2025, and I bet it’s going to make it. Unusual for a country that relies on heating to counteract the effects of the snow and cold weather, Denmark has managed to keep its impact on the environment right down and should be applauded for doing so.

There are also as many cycle lanes in Copenhagen as there are pavements. At least that’s how it feels. Cycle lanes even have their own traffic lights, meaning it’s an incredibly safe, energy-efficient and healthy way to travel.

2. Delicious Food & Drink

Open Sandwiches

Only Denmark could come up with such a simple speciality. But they do them so well! Smorrebrod is typically a slice of bread topped with fish or meat with some kind of sauce. My favourite was a smoked herring with sour cream and dill. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t have even tried it if I was in any other country. But in Denmark, it was delicious, and the tastes have inspired us to try new combinations back home.

Danish Pastries

How could I ignore the humble Danish pastry? It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite foods (especially at breakfast time). The Danish are modest enough to call them Viennese pastries as they’re a Danish adaption of an Austrian version of a Danish recipe! Come on, Denmark, take the credit because they’re delicious.


This might seem obvious as Carlsberg is a Danish beer, and no-one else can do Danish beer, right? But drinking Carlsberg in England is not a very pleasant experience. There’s something weird about it, the taste, the texture, the colour, even the name Carlsberg Export suggests something is wrong. However, as soon as we tried it in Denmark, we were hooked. No wonder the Danes hate to see it leave.

3. Clean & Safe Public Transport

The trains were luxurious with comfortable seats and headphone sockets to listen to music (and that was just in standard class!) Even the metro wasn’t bad, with wide trains that felt spacious even as the carriage filled up. Give me that over the tube any day!

4. Beautiful Architecture

Danish architecture is underrated, but you can’t move for beautiful buildings in Copenhagen. There’s a definite Danish style with large red brick façades decorated with green copper trim and topped with tall spires and towers. In fact, every time I put my camera away I got it straight back out again as there was something else beautiful to look at.

5. Great Value Tourism

The Copenhagen Card is an absolute bargain, and well worth the money in a country that is renowned for being expensive. It can get you entry into all of the city’s museums as well as certain tours, metro journeys and regional trains in the Greater Copenhagen area. It even gets you a discount in a number of cafes and shops, and on other tours as well. It’s definitely worth getting one.

6. Ease of Communication

Everyone under the age of 70 speaks English, perfectly. It’s compulsory to learn in school from the age of 6. You’ll meet Danish kids that can speak better English than you can! I even met one lady who said her grandson was typing in English before he could even speak Danish!

That said, it’s still a good idea to learn some words of Danish as a sign of respect when you visit. Here are some of the most important phrases to know:

  • Goddag (“gu-day”) – Good day
  • Hej (“hey”)  Hello
  • Farvel (“fuh-vel”) – Goodbye
  • Ja (“yeh”) – Yes
  • Nej (“nigh”) – No
  • Tak (“tack”) – Thank you
  • Undskyld (“un-skul”) – Excuse me/Pardon

7. Fascinating History & Culture

Humans first arrived in the land we now call Denmark in 10,000 BC. They lived through the last Ice Age, the Iron Age and the Roman period before Scandinavia’s notorious Vikings came into play. Visitors to Denmark can find out all about this fascinating history in one of the country’s many excellent museums.

8. Hygge

Experience the warmth, comfort and cosiness of hygge in its birthplace – Denmark. Hygge is all about taking time to yourself to relax by yourself, enjoying quiet time with friends and family or simply making the most of the little things in life. Where better to do this than in a hotel room, coffee shop or bar in Denmark?

9. More Than Just Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Denmark’s most famous travel destination, but there’s plenty more places to visit in Denmark besides. From the cobbled streets, fairytale castles and windmills of Odense, to the beautiful coastline and dunes of Skagen, visitors shouldn’t be limited to just one place.

But no Danish itinerary would be complete without a trip to Aarhus. Denmark’s second city is a dream to so many thanks to its brilliant museums, beautiful buildings, independent boutiques, cafe culture and exciting nightlife.

10. Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time to visit Denmark and especially Copenhagen. In winter, the city comes alive with festive decorations, markets and celebrations. You can pick up Christmas gifts, marvel at the lights or simply get into the festive spirit by visiting Tivoli Gardens with a cup of cocoa in hand.

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