10 things we learnt at the TNT/STA travel show

Yesterday Tim and I visited the TNT/STA travel show in London to pick up some ideas for our next holiday.

The show brings together travellers and holiday seekers with travel companies and tour operators from across the world. There are freebies, competitions and loads of opportunities to talk to travel experts about your plans.

We went with a few ideas about where we might like to go next (we were thinking Peru or an African Safari) but came away with plans to do a 7 night tour of Egypt!

We will definitely visit the show again next year, armed with our new found knowledge of how to make the most of it. And how do you do that? Well here’s what we learned:

  1. There are some truly great offers. STA even had up to 50% off holidays that you could only get if you booked on the day. If you’ve got your eye on a tour, try and save up before hand to take advantage of the best deals
  2. It’s still worth going if you’ve got a completely open mind about where/when you want to travel next. Where else can you get one on one time with representatives from so many travel companies? Listen to their recommendations and you’re sure to find a holiday that suits you
  3. No one seems to care about Scotland/Ireland. There were a couple of stalls set at the back of the show that weren’t attracting nearly as much attention as the others. It’s a huge shame as they are beautiful countries with some wonderful offers to be had (£300 for a New Year Hogmanay? Yes please!!)
  4. You’ll pick up an unhealthy obsession for free, fabric shoppers. Mostly because they’re free. But also because you will come away with more brochures than you can read in a year and you’ll need some way of carrying them!
  5. It’s a great place to get free pens. Nearly every stand will give away free pens. Not only is this great for writing down notes and highlighting your favourite offers, but also for entering…
  6. The competitions! Sadly my winning streak from The Italian Show didn’t continue (I once won a year’s supply of cheese!) but it was well worth entering everything. You could win money off your next holiday, free tours or even a TNT travel package worth £3,000! Busabout were even holding prize draws every hour on the hour where one lucky guest could spin a wheel of fortune style wheel. The guy standing in front of us won a Turkey Sailing tour- lucky thing!
  7. You’ll probably come away with a completely different idea of where to go next. With a day dedicated to looking at brochures, we found ourselves focusing on destinations we had never even thought about. So 2016 might be the year I relive my Ancient Egypt lessons with a trip to Cairo and Luxor. Quite different to our initial Peru dream!
  8. It’s full of Kiwis and Aussies. It’s well known these guys love traveling, and that was really obvious at the show. Despite the Rugby World Cup final being just hours away, they were still touring the stands (some were even working on them!)
  9. It makes a great day out. Why not kill two birds with one stone and plan your next holiday with a full day out in London? We headed up early to beat the rugby queues but that meant we had all day to wander round. We even had time for some sightseeing and shopping in the capital too!
  10. There’s still so much of the world to explore. Who knew there were tours of the Galapagos, Madagascar and Iceland? Well I didn’t, and now they’re on my bucket list!

Were you at the show? Feel free to comment and let me know what your top tips would be for people going next year.

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